My name is Maks Yurivych. I am a creator from Donetsk, Ukraine. I grew up observing a lot of classic cinema and heady sci-fi; digging strange tales and aesthetics.


I studied film at the University of Texas in Arlington gaining experience on working through multiple mediums, the steps of film production, and various philosophies for approaching art. 


I am inspired by the poetry of Bergman and Tarkovsky, the storytelling of The Twilight Zone and Philip K. Dick, and the artistry of John Dilworth and Sergei Eisenstein. My fascination with the unknown and spirituality steered me into a path of expression that leaps towards the grey and sometimes macabre. I am obsessed with crafting different lenses for the viewer and taking them on a ride to far off places by mixing flavors of color, fantasy, and spirituality. 


What I work with:




Digital Design

Adobe CC (PS, IL, LR, PM, AE)

Sony Vegas

35mm Filming

Color Grading

Canon 5D Mk. IV

Canon T5i Rebel

Zoom h6

LED Panels